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Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 25mg tablet$57.00
Generic 200 x 25mg tablet$108.30
Generic 300 x 25mg tablet$153.90
Generic 400 x 25mg tablet$193.80
Generic 500 x 25mg tablet$242.25
Generic 600 x 25mg tablet$290.70
Generic 700 x 25mg tablet$339.15
Generic 800 x 25mg tablet$387.60

Brand: [generic] | New Zealand | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 60 x 25mg tablet$74.13
Generic 120 x 25mg tablet$148.26
Generic 180 x 25mg tablet$222.39
Generic 240 x 25mg tablet$296.52
Generic 300 x 25mg tablet$370.65
Generic 360 x 25mg tablet$444.78
Generic 420 x 25mg tablet$518.91
Generic 480 x 25mg tablet$593.04

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 25mg tablet$146.56
Generic 200 x 25mg tablet$293.12
Generic 300 x 25mg tablet$439.68
Generic 400 x 25mg tablet$586.24
Generic 500 x 25mg tablet$732.80
Generic 600 x 25mg tablet$879.36
Generic 700 x 25mg tablet$1,025.92
Generic 800 x 25mg tablet$1,172.48
Generic 900 x 25mg tablet$1,319.04

Brand: Seroquel | Canada | Mfg: AstraZeneca

Seroquel 100 x 25mg tablet$103.49
Seroquel 200 x 25mg tablet$206.98
Seroquel 300 x 25mg tablet$310.47
Seroquel 400 x 25mg tablet$413.96
Seroquel 500 x 25mg tablet$517.45
Seroquel 600 x 25mg tablet$620.94
Seroquel 700 x 25mg tablet$724.43
Seroquel 800 x 25mg tablet$827.92


Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 50mg tablet$95.00
Generic 200 x 50mg tablet$180.50
Generic 300 x 50mg tablet$256.50
Generic 400 x 50mg tablet$323.00
Generic 500 x 50mg tablet$403.75
Generic 600 x 50mg tablet$484.50
Generic 700 x 50mg tablet$565.25
Generic 800 x 50mg tablet$646.00


Generic 100 x 100mg tablet$65.00
Generic 200 x 100mg tablet$123.50
Generic 300 x 100mg tablet$175.50
Generic 400 x 100mg tablet$221.00
Generic 500 x 100mg tablet$276.25
Generic 600 x 100mg tablet$331.50
Generic 700 x 100mg tablet$386.75
Generic 800 x 100mg tablet$442.00

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 100mg tablet$109.09
Generic 200 x 100mg tablet$218.18
Generic 300 x 100mg tablet$327.27
Generic 400 x 100mg tablet$436.36
Generic 500 x 100mg tablet$545.45
Generic 600 x 100mg tablet$654.54
Generic 700 x 100mg tablet$763.63
Generic 800 x 100mg tablet$872.72
Generic 900 x 100mg tablet$981.81

Brand: [generic] | New Zealand | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 60 x 100mg tablet$141.95
Generic 120 x 100mg tablet$283.90
Generic 180 x 100mg tablet$425.85
Generic 240 x 100mg tablet$567.80
Generic 300 x 100mg tablet$709.75
Generic 360 x 100mg tablet$851.70
Generic 420 x 100mg tablet$993.65
Generic 480 x 100mg tablet$1,135.60

Brand: Seroquel | Australia | Mfg: AstraZeneca

Seroquel 100 x 100mg tablet$201.10
Seroquel 200 x 100mg tablet$402.20
Seroquel 300 x 100mg tablet$603.30
Seroquel 400 x 100mg tablet$804.40
Seroquel 500 x 100mg tablet$1,005.50
Seroquel 600 x 100mg tablet$1,206.60
Seroquel 700 x 100mg tablet$1,407.70
Seroquel 800 x 100mg tablet$1,608.80

Brand: Seroquel | Canada | Mfg: AstraZeneca

Seroquel 100 x 100mg tablet$225.88
Seroquel 200 x 100mg tablet$451.76
Seroquel 300 x 100mg tablet$677.64
Seroquel 400 x 100mg tablet$903.52
Seroquel 500 x 100mg tablet$1,129.40
Seroquel 600 x 100mg tablet$1,355.28
Seroquel 700 x 100mg tablet$1,581.16
Seroquel 800 x 100mg tablet$1,807.04


Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 200mg tablet$185.00
Generic 200 x 200mg tablet$351.50
Generic 300 x 200mg tablet$499.50
Generic 400 x 200mg tablet$629.00
Generic 500 x 200mg tablet$786.25
Generic 600 x 200mg tablet$943.50
Generic 700 x 200mg tablet$1,100.75
Generic 800 x 200mg tablet$1,258.00

Brand: [generic] | New Zealand | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 60 x 200mg tablet$202.13
Generic 120 x 200mg tablet$404.26
Generic 180 x 200mg tablet$606.39
Generic 240 x 200mg tablet$808.52
Generic 300 x 200mg tablet$1,010.65
Generic 360 x 200mg tablet$1,212.78
Generic 420 x 200mg tablet$1,414.91
Generic 480 x 200mg tablet$1,617.04

Brand: Seroquel | Germany | Mfg: AstraZeneca

Seroquel 90 x 200mg tablet$325.00
Seroquel 180 x 200mg tablet$637.00
Seroquel 270 x 200mg tablet$936.00
Seroquel 360 x 200mg tablet$1,222.00
Seroquel 450 x 200mg tablet$1,527.50
Seroquel 540 x 200mg tablet$1,833.00
Seroquel 630 x 200mg tablet$2,138.50
Seroquel 720 x 200mg tablet$2,444.00

Brand: Seroquel | Canada | Mfg: AstraZeneca

Seroquel 100 x 200mg tablet$427.39
Seroquel 200 x 200mg tablet$854.78
Seroquel 300 x 200mg tablet$1,282.17
Seroquel 400 x 200mg tablet$1,709.56
Seroquel 500 x 200mg tablet$2,136.95
Seroquel 600 x 200mg tablet$2,564.34
Seroquel 700 x 200mg tablet$2,991.73
Seroquel 800 x 200mg tablet$3,419.12


Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 300mg tablet$230.00
Generic 200 x 300mg tablet$437.00
Generic 300 x 300mg tablet$621.00
Generic 400 x 300mg tablet$782.00
Generic 500 x 300mg tablet$920.00
Generic 600 x 300mg tablet$1,035.00
Generic 700 x 300mg tablet$1,207.50
Generic 800 x 300mg tablet$1,380.00

Brand: [generic] | New Zealand | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 60 x 300mg tablet$284.56
Generic 120 x 300mg tablet$569.12
Generic 180 x 300mg tablet$853.68
Generic 240 x 300mg tablet$1,138.24
Generic 300 x 300mg tablet$1,422.80
Generic 360 x 300mg tablet$1,707.36
Generic 420 x 300mg tablet$1,991.92
Generic 480 x 300mg tablet$2,276.48

Brand: Seroquel | Germany | Mfg: AstraZeneca

Seroquel 90 x 300mg tablet$375.00
Seroquel 180 x 300mg tablet$735.00
Seroquel 270 x 300mg tablet$1,102.50
Seroquel 360 x 300mg tablet$1,440.00
Seroquel 450 x 300mg tablet$1,800.00
Seroquel 540 x 300mg tablet$2,160.00
Seroquel 630 x 300mg tablet$2,415.00
Seroquel 720 x 300mg tablet$2,760.00

Brand: Seroquel | Canada | Mfg: AstraZeneca

Seroquel 100 x 300mg tablet$582.56
Seroquel 200 x 300mg tablet$1,165.12
Seroquel 300 x 300mg tablet$1,747.68
Seroquel 400 x 300mg tablet$2,330.24
Seroquel 500 x 300mg tablet$2,912.80
Seroquel 600 x 300mg tablet$3,495.36
Seroquel 700 x 300mg tablet$4,077.92
Seroquel 800 x 300mg tablet$4,660.48


Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 400mg tablet$351.50
Generic 200 x 400mg tablet$667.85
Generic 300 x 400mg tablet$949.05
Generic 400 x 400mg tablet$1,195.10
Generic 500 x 400mg tablet$1,493.88
Generic 600 x 400mg tablet$1,792.65
Generic 700 x 400mg tablet$2,091.43
Generic 800 x 400mg tablet$2,390.20

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